Friday, July 9, 2010

Speech House...3 weeks and counting down!

Whew! I am tired. Spent all day cleaning very filthy windows and sweeping up construction trash. I think we will actually make it into our new office by the end of July.

Why are we moving? Since I entered into ownership of my own private practice speech clinic over 10 years ago, I have had a dream. That dream was to have a "house" type office with a yard in which we could do fun outdoorsy activities with our clients. At our clinic, we believe that one of the most effective ways to help a child with a communication disorder is with meaningful practical engagement in activities that are fun and motivating to the child. What is more fun than being able to go outside and plant a garden, find bugs, or paint pictures? It is a whole lot more interesting than looking at card decks or doing worksheets (which have their place, but not ALL the time).

I quickly found that such a place at an affordable price is VERY hard to find. I recall that this house I have recently purchased came on the market about 6-7 years ago. I saw it, thought it would be a good location for us, but had no money and was still acclimating to running my own business. For the next several years, everytime I drove past this house, I thought "that would be a great place for my business" and often said a quick little prayer that someday I would find the right place.

Fast forward to February 2010; I find out my lease is due and they want me to sign another 3 year lease. Add to this the fact that 2009 was the worst year ever with insurance reimbursements for our services (I won't bore you with the details). I am desperate to move away from dependence on insurance, especially with socialized health care on the horizon. I also have had a burden to offer more autism services such as pre-k groups to prepare PDD-Nos children for school. Anyway, I have looked for a place, I am holding over on my lease paying an additional 25% per month for this privilege, I considered one house but it was ultimately going to be too expensive for my budget, I was discouraged and decided I would go ahead and sign my lease the next day. I just happened to drive past this house which I had not done in quite some time, and "lo & behold" I see a "For Sale" sign in front of it. My heart skips a beat. I calm myself with the words, "you know it will be too expensive... but you HAVE to at least call first thing in the morning."

Next morning, I am driving to work and dial the Realtor (while at a stop light). I ask him the price. He states a price that is well within my budget. I ask to see the house in 30 minutes. I call the husband, tell him he may want to meet me with the Realtor because if the house is halfway decent, I will be writing a check on the spot for earnest money.

The rest is history. "God is good" is all I can say.

So, "whew", I am tired but happy. I have great plans for our "Speech House"...

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