Monday, February 14, 2011

I Like FREE Apps :)

See my Free apps file on Facebook.  Check back periodically as I will add things as I find them.   Feel free to recommend your own faves. 

Be sure to note my Disclaimer:  I am not a techie.  I am a newbie to iphone.  These are just a few items I found that add a bit of fun to therapy or just seemed too "cool" to pass up. 

I often download free apps just because they are free.  If I like them, I keep them, if not I delete them.  These a few of my "keepers".

I prefer "hands on" multisensory activities, however, I have found that for the therapist who travels to clients (I have one school contract), having resources compactly stored on my iphone really lightens my load.  There are also a few of our kiddo who are truly enamored by all things techie.  These apps are highly motivating tools for them.

One app that I actually bought was pocket SLP and it is nice to have a quick deck of flashcards with multiple sounds.  I would love for some computer savvy person out there to come up with an articulation/phonology app that allows us to pick and choose our word lists for individual clients.  Many of the words are too long for a new pre-k client.  Also, I like to present word lists taking co-articulation targets into account.  Just putting that out there for some budding "app maker".
Click her for link to my list of  Apps (free, or minimal cost, or if they are pricey it is because they are recommended for a specific purpose).

Update (3-8-11):  Follow this link to a blog called Pathologically Speaking about a useful way to load pictures onto your iphone or ipod with Drop Box.  Looks very interesting; can't wait to try it.

Update (4-25-11): Here is a great site for app recommendations by people with tech knowledge.

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Suzanne Herman, M.Ed., CCC-SLP said...

Here is a great site for app recommendations by people with tech knowledge.