Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uses for Board Games and Card Games in Speech Therapy

I am not going to actually write a blog on this subject.  I am however posting this as a link to my Facebook site where I list several games and a few of the ways I use them in speech therapy sessions. There are endless ways to adapt a game and address goals; limited only by our imaginations.  I do not list a number of grammar goals or articulation goals because on almost any game you can set the parameters.  For example, any race game (Sorry, Candyland, Trouble...) or game requiring any type of assembly (Kerplunk, Buckaroo, etc.) or game that requires the turning over of a card or roll of dice can have a prerequisite to a turn being taken or a piece being placed on the game. 

Sample prerequisites might be:
Articulation - Say your sound, or word, or sentence prior to each turn
Grammer - Repeat or create a sentence with your target: pronouns, verb tenses, conjunctions, synonyms...
Processing - Answer a question or respond to a prompt of some kind. (Can ask various "wh-" questions, pull items from various listening/processing books, etc.)

To view my ideas on some of my favorite therapy games as well as why I like them and various ways I use them, click on this link:  Facebook-Photos-Games

You can click on each photo and view the comments boxes for various ideas.  Check back from time to time because I add new items as I find them.  I just bought a new game and will be posting it in a few days after I have had a chance to play it with some of my clients and finalize my opinion and ideas on it.

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