Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013


January 1, 2013

The first day of a new year is kind of like a

blank slate,
                a fresh start,
                              a mind reset...
                                                   but not really.

I learned long ago (about myself anyway) that I was not one of those unique individuals (I hear, they do exist out there somewhere) who can make those New Year's resolutions and actually stick to them.  So, I resolved one thing: Not to make any resolutions.  But, alas, I cannot stick even to that one since I pause each year around this time and think about them.  So, what crosses my mind this year is a list of many typical things.  Lose weight (started once again two days ago), exercise more (still thinking on this one), stress out less (taking an extra week off of work... can do that when you are your own boss... just realize that you will make no income during that extra week), connect with friends, be more consistent in "EVERYTHING" (that's one of the problem with resolutions: they are usually too vague)...

So my resolution today (that breaks my resolution not to make any):  Take each day as it comes to me and do what I can with it. 

What does this mean  for me?  Putting aside expectations of "perfect days".  Realizing that "some days are just horrible, no good, very bad days": some days are just like that.  Releasing myself from a standard of perfectionism.  Accepting that I will not be my best self everyday: cut myself some slack on those days. 

I resolve to: Accept each day as a gift from God.  Open it without expectations of grandeur.  See what it holds.  Wonder at what lessons will emerge from it whether they be pleasant lessons or painful lessons.  Understand that nothing is wasted if I learn from it.

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