Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas three weeks before Christmas and I was looking for resources to use with some older "language" clients, when what to my searching eyes appeared on old classic poem and an abundance of online links...

I have been archiving a list of links for this Christmas classic.  This week I have used the following link with a couple of middle school clients with language impairments. 

Powerpoint for paraphrasing the poem -  (I downloaded the powerpoint onto my computer and then printed the slides 2 per page front and back so the client could write in the sentences, but it can be done on the computer also).
  1. Inference / Understanding Figurative Language:  It then requires the client to be able to paraphase the ideas into their own words.  This task was very difficult for my clients and required assistance in defining words (or supplying synonyms) and helping them decode the figurative language by making connections: "The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave  luster of mid-day to objects below."  The moon's reflection off the snow made it easy to see everything outside. Another way to simplify this task would be to pair the activity with the actual picture book (rather than just the powerpoint) so the client could use the pictures as visual reinforcement.
  2. Grammar, Syntax, Verbal/Written Expression: Depending on the client's needs, each of these can be targeted in the paraphrasing task. To further address syntax, some sentences can be segmented and the client can be asked to rearrange the words/phrases into their logical order. (This was a goal with one of my clients).
  3. Vocabulary: Use synonyms and context clues to figure out meaning of unfamiliar words.
  4. Perspective Taking: As an extension activity it might be fun to view the scenes through the various perspectives of each character.  How did the dad feel about the situation? (Frightened that some disaster was happening outside, pleased that Santa was bringing gifts for the kids, concern about the mess from the soot, wonder at seeing Santa at long last...) How did Santa feel? (Tired after all the travel, jolly because that's how he rolls...) What about the reindeer? (Hungry because they forgot to leave carrots, cold on the roof, ready to fly some more...).
For the younger clients:

  • DLTK mini book - Who doesn't love DLTK.  Here is a mini book and of course this site has all kinds of related craft ideas.
  • Lapbook ideas -  Happy Hollow Homeschool - lapbooks involve file folders with all kinds of activities added such as mini books, vocabulary cards, etc.  for the child to study, learn, and engage with.
  • Items on TPT - A listing of items on TPT 
  • Toddler book - teaching-tiny-tots.com ideas for toddlers 
  • Youtube video - animated mixed version with story told in narrative and song